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Woodpecker cider comes to China

Beer, wine and now cider. Keeping pace with the increasing market for Western drinks in China, a new joint venture has been set up in Qufu, Confucius' birthplace, to make cider.

The new operation is a joint venture between HP Bulmer, the British cider-maker, and San Kong Brewery to produce Woodpecker cider. Bulmer is investing some ��200,000 in the project and will take a 65% stake in the Qufu Bulmer San Kong Cider Company. Bulmer will also supply technology and marketing expertise.

John Harvey, Bulmer's international director, said, ��We are excited at the prospect of creating a successful cider market in China, a country with enormous potential for the development of alcoholic long drinks.�� He believes that the new joint venture company will be China's first cider-maker, even though China grows 40% of the world's apples. The deal has received official blessing: one reason is that the Chinese government is keen to reduce the number of apples currently gong to waste.


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