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How do I read/print these forms and leaflets?

These forms and leaflets are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF), a computer format which allows publishers of information to compress and send text & images across the Internet in a specific page layout. To read them on screen, or print them on paper, you must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader program. This program is available for many computer formats including Windows, DOS, Macintosh and Unix, and is entirely free of charge.

Full details about Adobe Acrobat can be found on the Adobe web site. Most major Internet software archives around the world will have copies of the reader program for download.

Which forms do I need?

If you wish to apply for a visa you should fill in form IM2A, and related forms if applicable: the guidance leaflets listed below give full details as to which forms you should complete. You should also check with the nearest British Embassy or Consulate whether or not they are able to process your category of application. If they cannot, they will advise you where to apply.

  • IM2A - to be completed by ALL applicants (23K)
  • IM2B - application for settlement (10K)
  • IM2C - Persons applying for permit-free employment; work permit holders; businessmen and self-employed persons; persons of independent means. (See leaflet INF6 for full details) (9K)
  • IM2D - confirmation of the right of abode; certificate of entitlement to the right of abode; persons applying for an entry clearance because of United Kingdom ancestry. (See leaflet INF5) (7K)
  • IM2E - persons previously refused entry clearance at a United Kingdom diplomatic mission or post overseas; persons previously refused leave to enter on arrival in the United Kingdom. (7K)
  • IM2F - to be used where applicants require more space to give answers to questions 10 and 20 on form IM2A (6K)
  • IM2G - application for a direct airside transit visa (12K)
Which guidance leaflets should I read?

The guidance leaflets explaining the rules and procedures for applicants (and sponsors) are listed below. Please consult all leaflets which may be relevant to your application.

  • INF 1 - Who needs a visa and how to apply (34K)
  • INF 2 - Information for visitors (35K)
  • INF 3 - Information for students (15K)
  • INF 4 - How to settle in the UK (19K)
  • INF 5 - Information for returning residents and for Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent born in the UK (15K)
  • INF 6 - Information for sponsors of visitors (16K)
  • INF 7 - Information on right of abode in the UK (14K)
  • INF 8 - Information about admission to the UK for employment or as a dependant of someone coming for employment
  • INF 9 - Information about admission to the UK to set up in business, to be self-employed, be an investor, be a retired person of independent means, or be a dependant of someone coming in one of these categories (17K)
  • INF 10 - Information about admission to the UK for medical treatment (16K)
  • INF 11 - Information for working holidaymakers (Commonwealth citizens only) and au pairs (16K)
  • INF 12 - Information for EEA nationals and their family members (16K)
  • INF 13 - Information for those wishing to transit through the UK (17K)
How do I appeal?

The Immigration Act gives the right of appeal to some applicants who are refused entry clearance for the UK. This leaflet explains the procedure. A factsheet explaining the role of the Migration & Visa Correspondence Unit is also available.



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